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ImageNet Attributes

dataset citation:
Russakovsky and Fei-Fei, ECCV 2010
details and downloads


dataset citation:
Deng et al, CVPR 2009
details and downloads

Stanford Dogs Dataset

dataset citation:
Khosla et al, FGVC, CVPR 2011
details and downloads

People-Playing-Musical-Instrument (PPMI) Dataset

dataset citation:
Yao and Fei-Fei, CVPR 2010 Grouplet paper
details and downloads

Event Dataset

dataset citation:
Li-Jia Li et al. ICCV 2007
details and downloads

3D Object Category Dataset

dataset citation:
Savarese et al. ICCV 2007

Caltech 101 Object Categories

dataset citations:

more information can be found here

13 Natural Scene Categories

dataset citation:

Fei-Fei et al. CVPR 2005
download dataset (rar file)
(Thanks to Aude Oliva for 8 of the outdoor scenes)

Subset of COREL dataset: animals, vehicles, and 'distractors'

dataset citation:

Li et al. PNAS 2002
download dataset (rar file)

100 Natural Scenes (indoor & outdoor)

dataset citation:

Fei-Fei et al. JoV, 2007
browse and download images


Implements functional connectivity methods from papers by C. Baldassano, M.C. Iordan, D.M. Beck, and L. Fei-Fei: "Voxel-Level Functional Connectivity using Spatial Regularization" (NeuroImage 2012) and "Discovering Voxel-Level Functional Connectivity Between Cortical Regions" (NIPS MLINI 2012).


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ICCV 2007 Workshop
VSS 2007 Symposium Natural Scene Understanding: Statistics, Recognition and Representation


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