Fei-Fei Li, Ph.D.
(publishes under L. Fei-Fei)
Associate Professor
Director, Stanford AI Lab
Computer Science Department
OfficeRoom 246 Gates Bldg
Phone(650) 725-3860
Emailfeifeili [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Address353 Serra Mall, Gates Building, Stanford, CA, 94305-9020
Juan Carlos Niebles, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Computer Science Department
OfficeRoom 243 Gates Bldg
Emailjniebles [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Alexandre Alahi (Postdoc)
alahi [at] stanford [dot] edu
Human Behaviour Understanding
Socially-aware AI
Shyamal Buch (Master student)
shyamal [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Video Understanding
Human Activity Analysis
Animesh Garg (Postdoc)
garg [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Deep Reinforcement Learning
Timnit Gebru (Ph.D. student)
tgebru [at] stanford [dot] edu
Large-Scale Computer Vision
Albert Haque (Ph.D. student)
ahaque [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
AI-assisted Healthcare
3D Vision
Kenji Hata (Master student)
kenjihata [at] stanford [dot] edu
Large Scale Crowd-Sourcing
Judy Hoffman (Postdoc)
jhoffman [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Deep Learning
Semi-supervised & Transfer Learning
De-An Huang (Ph.D. student)
dahuang [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Human Activity Analysis
Video Understanding
Justin Johnson (Ph.D. student)
jcjohns [at] stanford [dot] edu
Deep Learning
Ranjay Krishna (Ph.D. student)
ranjaykrishna [at] gmail [dot] com
Visual Knowledge Graphs
Dense Image/Video Understanding
Zelun Luo (Master student)
zelunluo [at] stanford [dot] edu
AI-assisted Healthcare
Human Activity Analysis
Guido Pusiol (Postdoc)
pusiol [at] cs.stanford [dot] edu
Activity Recognition
AI for Healthcare
Serena Yeung (Ph.D. student)
serena [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Action Recognition in Videos
Healthcare Applications
Yuke Zhu (Ph.D. student)
yukez [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Barry Chai (Research Assistant)


Postdoc, 2015-2016
Assistant Professor at U. of Southern California
Postdoc, 2014-2016
Research Scientist at University of Florence
PhD, 2011-2016
Google Brain
PhD, 2011-2016
Research Scientist at OpenAI
PhD, 2011-2016
Research Scientist at Facebook
PhD, 2009-2016
Postdoc at Princeton
Postdoc, 2013-2015
Assistant Professor at Minerva University
PhD, 2010-2015
Postdoc at CMU
PhD, 2010-2015
Research Scientist at Snapchat
PhD, 2010-2015
Postdoc at Princeton
Postdoc, 2013-2014
Google Research
Postdoc, 2013-2014
Research Scientist at Facebook
PhD, 2008-2013
Assistant Professor at U. Michigan Ann-Arbor
PhD, 2008-2013
Hudson River Trading
PhD, 2006-2011
Head of Research at Snapchat
PhD, 2005-2010
Senior Research Scientist at Stanford