May 11, 2007
  Vision Sciences Society 2007 annual meeting symposium
  Li Fei-Fei (Princeton University); Aude Oliva (MIT)
Natural scene understanding is one of the most challenging problems in today’s vision sciences. Tremendous progress has been made recently toward characterizing formal and neural underpinning of natural image analysis. The symposium offers a modern and multidisciplinary view on scene understanding by bringing together six speakers from the fields of computational neuroscience, neurophysiology, cognitive science and computer vision. The presentations highlight the recent advances in the study of natural scene perception, as well as present a unique opportunity to create new directions for this promising field.
download the presentations here!
Simon Thorpe
CNRS, France
Ultra-Rapid Scene Processing: Temporal Constraints and Neural Computation
Bruno Olshausen
U.C. Berkeley, USA
EEG and Behavior Studies of Object Recognition in Natural Images
Irv Biederman
Minimal Scenes, Maximal Challenges
Russell Epstein
U. of Pennsylvania, USA
Neural Systems for Natural Scene Recognition
Aude Oliva
A Scene-Centered Representation of Gist
Li Fei-Fei
Princeton U., USA