Stanford University

CS 131 Computer Vision: Foundations and Applications

Fall 2016-2017

Lecture Session Date
(Irregular lectures are highlighted)
Day of the week Module Description Guest Instructor Course Materials
(Available one day before lectures)
1 2016.09.27
T Introduction Introduction to Computer Vision slides HW0-release
2 2016.09.29 Th Linear Algebra Primer
3 2016.10.04
T MATLAB Tutorial Lucas Liu Matlab Tutorial
Gates 219
W MATLAB Tutorial Lucas Liu
4 2016.10.06 Th Pixels, Features, and Cameras Pixels and Filters slides
Forsyth & Ponce:

Ch 4 (Linear Filters)

HW 2016.10.07
F HW0 homework session (optional) Vinaya Polamreddi Extra office hours for HW0 questions. No new material will be presented. HW0-due 5pm
5 2016.10.11
T Edge detection, RANSAC slides
Forsyth & Ponce:

Ch 5.2 (Edge Detection), 15.4.2 (RANSAC)

6 2016.10.13
Th Feature detectors, Harris Leonid Keselman slides
Szeliski: Ch 4.1.1

7 2016.10.18 T Difference of Gaussians, SIFT slides
David Lowe's SIFT paper
8 2016.10.20 Th Camera 1 slides
Forsyth & Ponce: 

Ch 1 (Camera)

Hartley & Zisserman:

Ch. 6

Lecture 2016.10.21
1:30-3pm 370-370
F Panorama Stitching Leonid Keselman slides
9 2016.10.25 T Camera 2 slides
Hartley & Zisserman:

Ch 10

Forsyth & Ponce: 

Ch 7 (Stereopsis)

10 2016.10.27 Th Camera 3 (same slides as above)
HW 2016.10.28
Gates 219
F HW1 homework session (optional) Leonid Keselman Extra office hours for HW1 questions. No new material will be presented. HW1-due 5pm 
11 Guest 2016.11.01 T Open-World Computer Vision Amir Zamir slides HW3-release
12 Guest 2016.11.03 Th Regions of Images, and Segmentation Basic Concepts of Segmentation Yannis Kalantidis slides
Forsyth & Ponce: 

Ch 9

2016.11.04 F No Class HW2-due 5pm
13 Guest 2016.11.08 T K-means Clustering Yannis Kalantidis slides
Mean Shift paper
14 Guest 2016.11.10 Th Feature tracking Yannis Kalantidis slides
Szeliski: Ch 8.4, 8.5
15 2016.11.15 T Linear Classifiers & Classification Leonid Keselman slides
16 Guest 2016.11.17 Th Visual Tracking Alex Alahi slides
HW 2016.11.18
Gates 359
F HW3 homework session (optional) Alan Luo Extra office hours for HW3 questions. No new material will be presented. HW3-due 5pm
17 2016.11.29 T Recognizing Faces and Objects Basic Concepts in Recognition, Nearest Neighbor Match slides HW5-release

HW4-due 5pm

18 2016.12.01 Th PCA and Eigenfaces slides
Eigenfaces paper
Fisherfaces paper
19 Guest 2016.12.06 T Introduction to Deep Learning Justin Johnson slides
20 2016.12.08 Th Exam Overview TAs

Exam Overview Slides

HW 2016.12.09
1-2pm Gates 260
F HW5 homework session (optional) Alan Luo Extra office hours for HW5 questions. No new material will be presented. HW5-due 5pm
Hewlett Teaching Center 201
M Final Exam Exam study guide
Sample Final
(much shorter than the real one!)