Mikhail Belkin
Ohio State University

Semi-supervised learning;
Graph manifold;
Spectral graph theory.

Tamara L. Berg
Stony Brook University

Organizing large collections of images with associated text.

Li Fei-Fei
Princeton University - Stanford University

Object and scene recognition;
Human motion recognition; Neuroscience;

Yann LeCun
New York University

Machine Learning; Computer Vision;
Mobile Robotics; Computational Neuroscience;

Yi Ma
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Computer vision;
Mathematics and statistics;
Decision and control.

Jianbo Shi
University of Pennsylvania

Human recognition;
Image segmentation and object recognition;

Sinisa Todorovic
Oregon State University

Computer vision; Object recognition;
Stochastic image grammars; Graph theory.

Eric P. Xing
Carnegie Mellon University

Statistical learning; Computational biology; Learning approaches to temporal/spatial modeling, social network analysis, text/image mining, NLP.

Song-Chun Zhu
University of California at Los Angeles

Computer vision; Statistical modeling and computing; Vision and visual arts; Machine learning.

Alex Berg
Columbia University

Shape and object recognition;
Recognition and synthesizing human actions;

Robert T. Collins
Pennsylvania State University

Video understanding;
Multi-image stereo;
Tracking, segmentation, and detection.

Tony Jebara
Columbia University

Machine learning with applications in computer vision;
Spatio-temporal modeling.

Yanxi Liu
Pennsylvania State University

Computer vision and robotics;
Computational symmetry.

Silvio Savarese
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Semantic understanding of images;
Modeling spatial organization and layout of scene and behavior.

Tieniu Tan
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Image processing; Machine and computer vision; Pattern recognition; Multimedia; Robotics.

Zhuowen Tu
University of California at Los Angeles

Inference of medical imaging; Machine Learning;
Statistical modeling/computing; Computer vision.

Hongbin Zha
Peking University

Computer vision; 3D scene reconstruction and modeling; Machine learning methods for 3D shape analysis; 3D target tracking.