CS 223B Presentation Day


Welcome to the most fun day of the whole course. This is the day where you get to showcase all the effort you have put into the class to the whole of Stanford. We are going to have some cool open track project posters, superb videos of students giving their expert opinion on hollywood shots and, of course, the announcement of winners of the FindMii Challenge. And, oh yeah, there will be balloons!




When: Mar 19. 1pm to 3pm

Where: Packard Attrium. Map Link



Students Posing as Experts on Hollywood Vision Effects

Created, Acted, Directed and Produced by Students!



The Find Mii Challenge (Course Project) on Wii


"Find Mii" is a game on Nintendo Wii Play. It basically involves identifying certian avatars (Miis) from a bunch of them, standing still or moving around in various styles. If you are not yet proficient in this game, let Elvis show you how to play it in the videos below.



As we know computers are designed to work in certain areas of human endeavor that are not terribly challenging to human intelligence but sometimes beyond human patience. In this course project students programmed the computer to play the game as good as Elvis did.


Open Track Project Posters


Fusing Multi-Channel Cues for Image Organization: Barry Chai

Generalizing ImageNet to SmartPhones: Robert Cosgriff, Dan Goodwin

Efficient Classification and Segmentation of Specular Objects: Aubrey Gress, Salik Syed

Segmentation of Seismic Images: Adam Halpert

Unsupervised Feature Learning of Bi-modal Features: Jiquan Ngiam, Aditya Khosla, Ashish Kulkarni

Scene Classifications: Yongwhan Lim

Learning Visual Invariances from Temporal Data Using Neural Networks: David Kamm

Feature Descriptors for Tiny Image Categorization: Andrew L. Maas

Using Functional Space for Chair Detection: Andy L. Lin, Lisa Nakano

Object Class Recognition using Time Series Classifier Ensembles: Dan Preston, Anand Madhavan

A Feature Tracking Approach to Painted Aperture: Ritvik Mudur, Tyler Mullen

The Retinal Algorithm to Detect and Track Moving Objects with Observer Motion: Neda Nategh

Motion-Sensitive Low-Noise Imaging: Jon Peterson, Brendan Duncan

Sub-meter Indoor Localization in Unmodified Environments with Inexpensive Sensors: Morgan Quigley

Computer-assisted Lucky Imaging: Dmitri Makarov

Motion-Sensitive Low-Noise Imaging: Steven Soneff, Tracy Chou

Modeling Mutual Context of Object and Human Pose in Human-Object Interaction Activities: Bangpeng Yao

Unsupervised Image Segmentation using Deep Belief Nets: Lawrence McAfee

Object Detecting in Images using Time Series Ensemble Methods: Ben Newhouse, Akshay Khothari




12:30 - 1:00  Open Track Project Teams set up Posters.

1:00 - 1:15    Find Mii Winners announced. Top Videos from HW1 announced.

1:15 - 2:45    Presentations and Online Voting for Best Open Track Project

2:45 - 3:00    Best Open Track Project Winners Announced

3:00 - ...        Spring Break!




1. Each Open Track project needs to create a poster showcasing their project. Every group will be provided with one styrofoam poster board (20 inches by 30 inches x 3/16 inch) and one collapsable easel. Both poster boards and easels must be returned following the poster session.

2. The winner of the FindMii Challenge will be announced at the start of the presentation session. The winning group will get a chance to show their video results and present their approach at the session. So, be prepared to bring a laptop.

3. We are also going to set up a voting station for the audience to vote on the best open track project! See prizes below.

4. We are also going to pick 4-5 top videos from HW1 that would be played in the atrium during the session.




Winner FindMii: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Winner Open Track Audience Poll: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Most Innovative FindMii Project (If Applicable): $25 Amazon Gift Card