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Li-Jia Li, Hao Su, Yongwhan Lim, Robert Cosgriff, Daniel Goodwin, and Li Fei-Fei

Vision Lab, Stanford University

Figure 1. Overview of Object Bank Representation Extraction

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Object bank representation is a novel image representation for high-level visual tasks, which encodes semantic and spatial information of the objects within an image. In object bank, an image is represented as a collection of scale-invariant responsemaps of a large number of pre-trained generic object detectors. In Figure 1, we show the feature extraction process. Using simple, off-the-shelf classifiers such as linear support vector machines and logistic regression, we show that this high-level image representation can be used effectively for high-level visual tasks such as object and scene image classification, image annotation and image retrieval. The results surpass reported state-of-the-arts performance on a number of standard benchmark datasets.

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The executable takes in an image in any standard image format (e.g., jpg). Using pre-trained object filters (included in the package), it outputs objectbank representation in text format.




Below are two example benchmark results on MIT-Indoor and UIUC-Event using linaer SVM (OB-SVM) and linear iregression (OB-LR). The extracted object bank features of these two datasets can be downloaded here: MIT-Indoor and UIUC-Event.

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