Is this the same class that was taught the last few years?
No. CS131 is an entirely new class. The course syllabus is not the same as the last few years. While some topics have remained the same, we will be introducing a more content and have removed quite a lot of the old material. Additionally, all the assignments are completely new and unrelated to the previous offerings of this class.
CS131 is a relatively new course, offered for the first time in Fall 2017. Is this a re-numbering of CS231a (Introduction to Computer Vision)?
No. CS131 is an entirely new class. It is designed for undergraduate students, introducing them to the computer vision technology for the first time. CS231a will continue to be offered and continue to be a graduate level class. We hope that CS131, CS231a and CS231b (Cutting Edge Computer Vision) make a good series of computer vision class from introduction to cutting edge topics.
What's the collaboration policy for Homework assignments?
Study groups are allowed, but we expect students to understand and complete their own homework assignments and to hand in independent solutions per student. If you worked in a group, please put the names of your study group on your solution. Also, please put number of late days used in the problem set. Finally, we expect students to not look at implementations online. Just like all other classes at Stanford, we take the student Honor Code extremely seriously.
Where do I find the latest announcements, lecture notes, syllabus and course information in general?
The lecture notes and syllabus are on the course webpage. Announcements and discussion are at the Piazza forum.
Can I audit or sit in?
In general we are very open to sitting-in guests if you are a member of the Stanford community (registered student, staff, and/or faculty). Out of courtesy, we would appreciate that you first email us or talk to the instructor after the first class you attend. If the class is too full and we're running out of space, we would ask that you please allow registered students to attend.
Can I take this course on a credit/no credit basis?
Yes. Credit will be given to those who would have otherwise earned a C- or above.
What is the best way to reach the course staff?
Stanford students please use an internal class forum on Piazza so that other students may benefit from your questions and our answers. If you have a personal matter that is unrelated to the topics covered in class, email cs131.fall1718@gmail.com directly.
Are the lectures and TA sessions videotaped?
No. Please come to class in person.