Retrival Results Annotation Results OPTIMOL Images

Retrieval Result

The blue bar is the number of images in the LabelMe dataset, the yellow bar is the number of images in Caltech 101 clean dataset collected manually from the Caltech101 raw dataset. Red bar represents the number of collected clean images (P) by OPTIMOL from Caltech101 raw dataset with the dark red part at the top of the red bar representing the number of False Positives (F). Green bar shows the number of clean images collected by OPTIMOL from our own downloaded images using the category name as the query word plus the Caltech101 raw dataset. The dark green part at the top is the number of False Positives.

Annotation Result

Annotation results of 4 randomly selected images represented by bounding boxs indicating the locations and sizes of the objects.

OPTIMOL Collected Dataset

We display here in thumbnail images all the images collected by OPTIMOL for this category. We will release the full size images at a later stage.

OPTIMOL results from the raw web images (928 out of 4123 raw images)

OPTIMOL results from the Caltech101 raw images (137 out of 409 raw images)