CS 598 - High-Level Recognition in

Computer Vision

Spring 2007

by Fei-Fei Li

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Course Summary

Time/Location: W 13:30 - 16:20, Computer Science Department, Room 401

Professor: Fei-Fei Li, Room 211 CS Building, (609)258-8130, feifeili [at] cs [dot] princeton [dot] edu

Graduate Coordinator: Melissa Lawson, Room 310 CS Building, 609-258-5387 mml [at] cs [dot] princeton [dot] edu


Course Requirements, Grading Policy and Prerequisites

There are three course requirements:

Grading Policy:



Course Description

Computer vision is concerned with the recognition and understanding of images. In recent years, our field has enjoyed some important breakthroughs in the area of high-level recognition, such as object identification, object categorization, and scene categorization. An increasing trend in the field is the utilization of advanced machine learning techniques such as graphical models, various inference algorithms, etc. This course will survey the recent developments of the high-level recognition problems by reading both classical and recent papers. We will organize the course around the important topics in high-level vision. In particular, we will put a focus on how different machine learning techniques have been applied to the specific vision questions.


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